Elliptical Mobile Solutions White Paper: Uptime Advantages of Micro-Container-based Data Center



This paper compares one megaWatt of IT capacity deployed in two different ways. Using Uptime Institute’s “True TCO (total cost of ownership) Calculator” (Koomey,©2007, Uptime Institute), Elliptical Mobile Solutions (EMS) has contrasted a traditional or “legacy” datacenter facility to a micro data center-based build (including a metal shell building). The purpose of this comparison is to show the savings potential afforded by a micro-container-based infrastructure. The recent Uptime Institute study reveals that the TCO of a Tier 3 or Tier 4 (referring to Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification System for determining a data center facility’s availability and resiliency) datacenter is $25,000/ft2. The Institute has determined that each 42U rack of Tier 4 equipment requires 100ft2of raised floor including support equipment allocated per rack. The micro data center has 20ft2 allocated for floor space/ergonomic considerations despite its actual physical foot print of 14ft2 with all physical support equipment is onboard.


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