APC White Paper: Summitt Energy – Five Global Trends Shaping the Future of Energy



At a time of such uncertainty in global energy markets, we felt it opportune to highlight five global trends which are set to shape the future of energy, from our viewpoint as a leading global energy management company.
The following five trends provide useful information and guidance to consider as you try to navigate your way through the decision-making process related to energy demand, supply, and sustainability:

  1. Global Energy & Crude Oil Trends
    Global energy demand will continue to grow in coming decades….just not in developed countries
  2. Global Emissions Schemes
    Harsh lessons for the European carbon market should benefit new emissions schemes
  3. Crude Oil’s Shale Revolution
    Why the US oil shale revolution is a big deal… except for the consumer
  4. Global Natural Gas
    How global natural gas price divergences are bringing the world together
  5. Global Power Trends
    The inherent volatile nature of power markets will remain, despite the changing generation mix

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