Avocent White Paper: Five Reasons Every IT Organization Needs to Capitalize on IPMI



How IPMI can help you better manage more infrastructure with fewer resources
Every company’s computing infrastructure is getting larger and more complex. At the same time, every company’s business success is becoming more and more dependent on the availability, performance, scalability and adaptability of that infrastructure.
It would be nice if IT organizations could expect an increase in their budgets commensurate with this combined increase in the extent and criticality of the infrastructure it is charged with managing – but that is not the case.
That is why IT organizations are seeking ways to more effectively and efficiently manage their computing environments.
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) offers tremendous value in this regard. As a standardized systems management interface, IPMI simplifies the management of today’s multi-vendor environments. IPMI is also highly granular, providing vital insight into key aspects of system health such as temperature, voltage fluctuations, and processor function errors. Just as important, the management interface IPMI provides can remain accessible even when the main CPU fails – making it indispensable for high-availability environments.

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