Caterpillar White Paper: Demystifying Generator Set Ratings



Generator sets must be capable of delivering the necessary power required for an anticipated yet potentially unknown number of run hours per year to ensure reliable power generation. Within these parameters, a given set can deliver more power for fewer hours per year, or less power continuously.
To meet power and run-time criteria, manufacturers have developed standard ratings definitions for their equipment. A manufacturer’s ratings definitions are designed to allow correct machine selection, and guide consultants and end users. While the International Standards Organization (ISO) has developed guidelines for common rating definitions, many generator set manufacturers are using differing specifications. This makes equipment comparisons across manufacturers
more difficult, as some published ratings definitions may appear more aggressive. This can give a potentially false appearance of higher capabilities in machines from various suppliers, causing some confusion and potential misapplication in the market place.
This paper will clarify some of this confusion surrounding ratings, share standard classifications and discuss important considerations to help you make educated decisions when designing and specifying equipment.

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