Compellent White Paper: Leveraging a Persistent Hardware Architecture


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Many enterprises looking to increase the flexibility, improve the scalability, enhance the availability and reduce the costs of data storage have turned to storage area networks (SANs). Yet traditional hardware vendors have failed to deliver on the promise of SANs. By relying on proprietary hardware designs, imposing restrictions on the types of technology that can be used and prohibiting customers from mixing and matching different drive and interconnect technologies, these vendors doom their products to early obsolescence and force their customers into costly forklift upgrades.
In contrast, Compellent Fluid Data™ storage is designed for persistence, not obsolescence. Using an open, non-proprietary hardware architecture, the Compellent SAN enables businesses to continuously integrate new disk drive, switch and network interface technologies without having to replace existing hardware or software. This persistent hardware architecture only from Compellent also allows administrators to configure storage systems using a combination of select industry-standard components for optimum flexibility, scalability and availability.

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