Liebert White Paper: Cutting Data Center Energy Costs


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As electricity prices and IT power consumption continue to rise, IT-related energy costs are getting increased scrutiny. Cooling accounts for approximately 37 percent of electricity usage within a well-designed data center and, in many cases, represents a significant opportunity to reduce IT energy costs.
This paper presents five strategies for increasing data center cooling efficiency:
1. Proper sealing of the data center environment
A vapor seal plays a critical role in controlling relative humidity, reducing unnecessary humidification and dehumidification.
2. Optimizing air flow
Rack arrangement, computer room air conditioner placement and cable management all impact the amount of energy expended to move air within the critical facility.
3. Using economizers where appropriate
Economizers allow outside air to be used to support data center cooling during colder months, creating opportunities for energy-free cooling.
4. Increasing cooling system efficiency
New technologies, such as variable capacity systems and improved controls, are driving increased efficiency of room air conditioning systems.
5. Bringing cooling closer to the source of heat
Supplemental cooling systems bring cooling closer to the source of heat, reducing the amount of energy required for air movement.

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