Dell & Intel White Paper: Demystifying Server Virtualization Deployment



Some IT managers have steered clear of server virtualization technologies because the deployment process can seem too daunting to begin. But this step-by-step handbook maps out the deployment process in four easy-to-follow steps.
The task of deploying virtual servers can be intimidating, so some IT managers opt to steer clear and avoid the headache. This hesitance to virtualize data center resources is common despite virtualization’s clear advantages, including improved server energy efficiency, reduced hardware costs and better server management.
But opting out comes at significant cost. An environment without virtualized resources likely suffers from server sprawl, resource under utilization and poor management. And all these nagging problems translate into a single bigger problem: wasted dollars. So avoiding virtualization may end up costing your IT shop thousands of dollars.
Still, as an IT manager, you may be daunted by the preparation involved in a virtualization project. But the reality is that deploying a new virtual infrastructure doesn’t have to be burdensome or complex; and you don’t need a teamof consultants to get the job done.
This guide on server virtualization deployments walks you through the process step by step. It covers the four critical phases of server virtualization deployment (and see the four-phase checklist on page 19):

  1. assessing your existing environment;
  2. selecting a virtualization platform;
  3. deploying and configuring a virtual infrastructure; and
  4. selecting virtualization management tools.

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