Dell White Paper: Busting Solid-State Storage Myths



Maximizing the impact of flash storage
An exploration of solid-state storage, a survey of the technology, its uses and applications.
Solid-state storage (SSS) is receiving a lot of buzz today. Trade publications are regularly mentioning the topic. Startups involved in solid-state storage are announcing exciting innovations. Mainstream vendors are creating partnerships in the space and announcing innovations of their own. Why all the hype? What is the state of the technology? Is this just a flash-in-the-pan (pun intended…) or will most organizations be deploying some type of solid state solution soon? This paper summarizes the state of the technology and reviews some common applications for solid-state storage, including some examples of how organizations are using this technology today to make a positive difference in achieving their goals.
Is this the start of something big?
So where is the industry in the adoption of solid-state storage? Most analysts and thought leaders in the industry agree: we are right at the beginning of a major change in the market that will see massive adoption. Many organizations have small deployments today, but over the next few years, most “active” (regularly accessed) data will move to solid-state storage. Where are you on the adoption curve?

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