Eaton White Paper: Considering the Effects of UPS Operation with Leading Power Factor Loads



Over the past five years, a new generation of data processing and communications equipment has become prevalent in modern data centers and network operations centers. These newer products provide beneficial increases in processing power and higher-density form factors, resulting in reduced operating costs, conservation of valuable space in the user’s facilities, and enhanced capabilities for the enterprise. However, as performance and processing densities increase, so does the critical need to improve the “site friendliness” of the ubiquitous AC-to-DC power supplies that are utilized in today’s blade servers and communications gear. Specifically, it is beneficial to implement Power Factor Correction (PFC) and reduced Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) within these power supplies, which results in a total data center “load” that greatly reduces disturbances to a building’s electrical system, particularly when compared with data processing systems from a decade ago. At the same time, these new processors contribute toward a “green” data center by preserving floor space and requiring less power.

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