Eaton White Paper: Optimizing Power Distribution for High-Density Computing



Fueled by the rapid rise of technologies such as virtualization and blade servers, computing densities in today’s data centers are climbing dramatically. As a result, server enclosures are requiring more power than ever before.
The result of this is a new and demanding set of power distribution challenges. To meet the power requirements of their increasingly dense server racks, organizations are looking for power circuits and power distribution units (PDUs) that have adequate power capacity and make optimal use of panelboards, but don’t drive such high densities that they are prohibitively expensive to cool.
This white paper shows why 30 amp (30A) three-phase circuits and 30A three-phase PDUs meet those demands more efficiently than comparable 20A and 50A alternatives. It also explains why utilizing 30A three-phase circuits and PDUs today puts you in the best position to handle future power capacity needs.

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