Emerson Network Power (Liebert) White Paper: Using Virtualization and Digital Control Technologies to Increase Data Center Operating Efficiency



Data center professionals continue to be squeezed on several fronts as they seek to optimize operational readiness, availability, and risk management for operations on a local, regional or global basis. These include battling legacy hardware/infrastructure transitions, increasing power and heat densities, escalating service-level availability agreements, risk management and expense control.
There are digital systems available today that provide a framework within which data center professionals can manage their entire suite of hardware and software assets in a real-time, cost/risk-optimized manner. These systems can immediately reduce costs and improve performance of the data center infrastructure.
This concept can be implemented across legacy hardware, infrastructure systems and data centers—or with additional OEM support, throughout the data center of the future—to create a dynamic data center where operating expenses can be balanced in real time with service level agreements and forecasts to maximize ROI and minimize risk.
This data center will be capable of reacting to changing operational parameters, within certain guide bands, via a combination of power and OS/Applications management at the server level, along with digital control of the local power and cooling infrastructure.
The net result will be a reduction in operating expense on the order of 20 to 30 percent or more, depending upon the current utilization rate and risk balance ratio. This can be accomplished without any reduction in service level agreements while providing a higher degree of disaster recovery.

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