Emerson Network Power White Paper: Energy Logic – Calculating and Prioritizing your Data Center IT Efficiency Actions



Emerson Network Power’s Energy Logic white paper provided a holistic, prioritized roadmap for reducing data center energy consumption. Energy Logic did not address data center efficiency directly because there is no universally accepted metric for data center output that could be used as the basis for this analysis. Now, the time has come for the industry to take the next step forward in achieving a true understanding of data center efficiency.
The lack of a true data center efficiency metric is challenging to IT and data center managers as they try to justify much needed IT investments to management. It also adds to the difficulty data center managers have in comparing efficiencies across their data centers to prioritize where efficiency-improving actions will have the greatest impact. In addition, they need to be able to track data center efficiencies over time.
This paper not only shows how IT and data center managers can use an efficiency metric to address these challenges, but also provides a prioritized set of actions to gain the greatest improvement in efficiency.

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