Emerson Network Power (Liebert) White Paper: Working Toward a More Energy-Efficient Data Center



In today’s 24×7 world of information availability, on-demand services, and round-the-clock commerce sites, companies increasingly are adding high-performance servers, storage and other equipment to their data centers to satisfy user and customer demand. As a result, companies find they need more and more power to run and cool this equipment. At the same time, the cost of electricity is on the rise. And many companies are trying to be good corporate citizens by becoming green (or at least greener).

  • Companies are faced with skyrocketing electricity costs, which are bringing data center energy usage into focus
  • Newer equipment is consuming even more power and is raising the power density per rack to unprecedented levels
  • Companies can take a number of steps to reduce power consumption
  • What’s needed are complete solutions that efficiently and cost-effectively address data center power and cooling

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