Enterasys White Paper: Building a Next-Generation IT Infrastructure



A Smarter Way to Protect Your Network
The business environment is changing. Forces driving change include the competitive global market place, the growth in outsourcing, the need for collaborative decision making and the increasingly important role of “non-traditional employees” such as consultants and contractors. Today’s workers are geographically dispersed, yet demand seamless 24×7 access to up-to-date business intelligence. The IT department is tasked to deliver the services and systems required by these users, and to extend decision making to partners, customers and suppliers. The network infrastructure is the backbone that ties all of this together, connecting users to the required IT resources and enabling instant sharing of information.
To a large extent, the infrastructure connectivity and capacity challenges have been addressed—most organizations have now deployed an efficient, high-capacity network that support seamless, robust communications and collaboration. However, IT executives are now confronted with a very different set of problems.
Security is now the crucial concern, with a growing range of IT security challenges: applications and operating systems are under attack; there is increasing theft of critical information; government regulations are becoming more onerous; and new technologies are blurring the distinction between protected and unprotected perimeters. The stakes have also become much higher as organizations are now dependent on their high performance
information infrastructure. Disruption to that infrastructure significantly impairs revenue and ongoing operations.

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