Enterasys White Paper: Threat Management in a Process Control Network



It is the intention of all network administrators to provide network availability and business continuity while simultaneously ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the information traversing the network. Since the proliferation of the personal computers as a driving force behind business automation, it has been the goal of network administrators to create an environment where information can be passed and business can be conducted without the constraints of overly restrictive security policies.
Working within the guidelines of a corporate security policy, the Enterasys strategy is to create an environment where a process control network administrator is instantly aware of who or what is connecting to the network while also verifying that a base-level of security has been implemented on the network and end systems. Based on this level of visibility, the Enterasys solution can assign a “business justified communications” configuration on the network that will allow specific end systems to pass traffic to only those systems deemed necessary and additionally limit communications to exactly which TCP and UDP ports are needed – thus reducing exposure of the network to the proliferation of worms and viruses. Enterasys has unique capabilities to proactively prevent and/or mitigate such threats by making it easy to deploy role-based access controls for wired and wireless environments with integrated management, priority, and security that deliver investment protection, operational efficiency, and significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

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