ExaGrid Systems White Paper: Achieving Cost Savings in Backup with Deduplication 5 Real-World Customer Stories



The environment for all businesses has changed dramatically in the past year. While many IT projects will be reduced along with budgets, the amount of data an organization creates and must retain continues to grow. A recent study of global enterprise companies by IDC indicated IT administrators have seen data storage needs grow to more than a petabyte (1,000,000 gigabytes) in the past three years. Companies like this typically need up to 100 terabytes of storage, and small to mid-sized enterprise companies are also experiencing similar levels of data growth. This creates the paradox of a higher burden placed on a vulnerable point in the storage architecture—the backup system—in recessionary times.
As data increases and more data resides on servers, executing successful daily backups is becoming more difficult. Tape libraries, with their known reliability problems, have failed to keep up, as only 20% of all backup jobs are completely successfully according to research firm, ESG. Backup times that exceed the available window leave critical data unprotected, and many companies have yet to consider the ramifications of a failed restore until it was too late. For a significant portion of companies and organizations, risk of failure remains high.

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