Fortinet White Paper: Next-Generation Security for Enterprise Networks


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Since the concept of a ‘next-generation firewall’ was introduced several years ago by Gartner, many network security vendors have introduced their own next-generation firewalls to address this product category – but with varying results. Some next-generation firewalls fail to include important next generation features as well as adequate traditional network protections because they lack a proven platform on which to build these features. As more threats leverage web-based applications and services to enter corporate networks, enterprises and service providers are deploying next-generation firewalls at faster pace in an effort to control applications and block these new methods of attack. Industry analysts caution, however, that many next-generation firewalls still lack basic network security features and organizations should deploy them in conjunction with other layers of security to deliver comprehensive security. They warn that once in the wild, viruses, malware and traditional methods of attack never go away. Therefore organizations must consider all security threats, both known and unknown, when selecting an enterprise network security platform.

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