Juniper Networks White Paper: Network Fabrics for the Modern Data Center



It has been almost 50 years since computers combined with networks to create the first online transaction processing system. This development ushered in the modern data center, where local processing and storage came together with network-connected users. In a very real sense, the network created today’s data center; now, in an ironic twist, modern data centers require a new network, one that can help drive the data center into a new era.
This paper is intended for technical decision makers who are interested in understanding Juniper’s vision of how to evolve the data center. It examines the changes occurring in the data center and how these changes mandate a different design approach. This paper explains Juniper’s approach to building data centers using fabrics and how this will evolve to meet the increasing challenges of scale and complexity. The reader will learn about Juniper’s current fabric solution for data centers and get a view of our vision for future evolution.

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