nlyte Software White Paper: Why PUE Alone is Not Enough!


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The cost of operating a data center is directly related to the cost of power. New equipment is continuing to offer improvements in performance and space but these assets are requiring more and more operational and cooling power to operate. This reality, combined with the growing cost of power and the effects on global climate are challenging enterprises to operate with higher efficiency and greater conservation.
Before a company begins the process of getting “greener”, it is paramount that current power consumption rates are measured to accurately establish a benchmark for efficiency. Metrics like Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Data Center Infrastructure efficiency are often used to measure the efficiency of the data center’s power usage before and after these “green” initiatives have been implemented. But a better approach to this “change and hope” strategy for improving power efficiency utilizes extensive modeling to assess the impact of these changes on power consumption, cooling and space before the change is made, not after the fact.
This whitepaper addresses how data center management software is used to benchmark current power consumption through real-time feeds and equipment ratings and then model the effects of “green” initiatives on the data center’s PUE and DCiE before actually committing resources to support the implementation.

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