Quorum White Paper: Always be Testing – Making the Case for “ABT”



It’s time to stop playing Russian roulette with your small-to-mid-sized business. Make a commitment to “Always Be Testing (ABT)”.

Whether caused by a hurricane, a virus, or a storage failure, statistics show that most small to mid-sized businesses will experience at least one instance of system downtime a year. Once a year doesn’t seem like much, but consider this: Aberdeen Group estimates that a n hour of downtime costs a mid-sized business an average of $74,000. Then factor in results from a Harris Interactive survey, which found that IT Managers estimate 30 hours on average for recovery.
Now that the cost has been put into perspective, are you sure your business can bounce back from even one instance of system downtime each year? Has your disaster recovery (DR) system been through regular real-world tests to find out? Unfortunately, only a small minority can respond to this last question in the affirmative: a 2011 survey found that only 28 percent of small to mid-sized businesses surveyed have even tested their backup at all.

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