Reduxio Case Study: Reduxio’s HX550 – Simple, Efficient, Hybrid Flash Storage



ESG Lab validated the Reduxio HX550 hybrid flash array with a focus on ease of use and performance. The HX550’s innovative architecture can bring the performance advantages of flash to more of your workloads; in addition, the Backdating feature serves as an enterprise-class “time machine,” enabling instant restore to one-second recovery points without using snapshots.
ESG Lab was impressed with the HX550. We validated consistent low latency and high IOPS, the tremendous benefits of Backdating, NoDup, and Tier-X, very simple management, and a slick GUI. At the time, it was early for Reduxio, as this is their first product, and some enhanced features are not yet available—such as a REST API for application integration, multi-system management, and support for external storage tiers. But that doesn’t take away from the core benefits that the HX550 provides: great performance, lower cost, and data recovery to any second without snapshots. If you are looking for high performance along with cost, time, and management reduction, Reduxio may just be the right solution or you.

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