Ruckus Wireless White Paper: Making Wireless LANs Work Reliably and Cost-Effectively



Administrators of enterprises and independent hotspots at hotels, stores, transportation centers, and other public venues are often frustrated by the limitations of wireless consumer products or other enterprise solutions with inadequate support for multimedia. These companies need an affordable, easy-to-use alternative that is still robust and scalable enough to extend the reach of their wireless LANs, support existing and next generation
multimedia-rich digital content and services and provide reliable and predictable Wi-Fi performance.
This paper examines the opportunities and challenges associated with operating an enterprise WLAN or public hotspot. It explains the benefits of a self-configuring platform that can deliver Wi-Fi more reliably, to increasingly diverse devices and applications, covering larger areas and higher user densities, while minimizing total cost of ownership. Finally, this paper introduces the Ruckus ZoneFlex™ wireless LAN system, which is ideal for demanding multimedia applications, thanks to an advanced, patented smart antenna array on each ZoneFlex AP.

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