TechTarget: ISO 22301 Compliance Focus on Training Teams and Defining Roles



The new global standard for business continuity, ISO 22301, underscores the importance of teams, particularly defining the roles and responsibilities of team members, training them properly, and ensuring the ongoing competence of team members. The following tips will ensure you are compliant with ISO 22301’s provisions. Note that the issues addressed also apply to disaster recovery programs.
When building a business continuity management system (BCMS), among the most important activities is identifying employees to participate in the BCMS in several capacities:

  1. Administrators (i.e., business continuity director/manager)
  2. Staff (i.e., business continuity analysts)
  3. Business continuity liaisons (members of other departments with BCMS duties)
  4. Business continuity response teams (e.g., incident response teams, damage assessment teams, emergency management teams, business recovery teams, technology recovery teams)

In addition to full-time employees, it may be appropriate to include vendors, consultants and other specialized contractors as members of these teams.

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