Zerto White Paper: Mission-Critical Disaster Recovery in the Virtual World – Ten Questions You Should Ask



Ten questions you should ask when choosing a DR solution for your virtualized mission critical applications

Disaster Recovery – A Speed Bump in the Virtualization Highway

Enterprise application virtualization is no longer an emerging or niche technology. Enterprises of all sizes are deploying applications on virtualized IT infrastructures and clouds, and reaping the benefits of ease of management, simplicity, flexibility, mobility, and cost-effectiveness.
But there’s a speed bump on the virtualization highway. Traditional replication and disaster recovery (DR) solutions were not conceived to deal with the demands created by the virtual paradigm. No matter how vendors try to fit the square peg into the round hole, existing DR solutions are hard-pressed to adapt to the scalability, mobility, and flexibility that enterprise class
applications require when running on a virtual infrastructure.
In light of the challenges facing DR for virtualized mission-critical applications, Zerto has put together a list of 10 questions you should ask yourself about your DR solution, to ensure its suitability to the virtual paradigm.

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